Our Team

Professional & Friendly

First and foremost we are passionate foodies and travellers. We also happen to be expert communicators who are borderline obsessed with social media and who thrive on building new relationships, which has resulted in us establishing valuable media partnerships.

  Dining and travel go hand in hand. Our team’s expertise in these complimenting sectors allows for increased strategic partnerships and consumer engagement for our clients.

Our approach to building strategic marketing and PR programs is fresh and focused on what’s relevant now. We utilize the most effective social and digital marketing tools, partnered with targeted media partnerships, to develop multi-faceted programs that engage your target audience across multiple touch points.

We are most sought after for our expertise in supporting new restaurant openings with targeted strategies that build buzz before and after the doors open, to increase online branding and footsteps at such a critical time. Our creative strategies are also very effective in increasing results for existing businesses focused on achieving more buzz and brand engagement within their industry.

Kate Engineer

Director of Communications


I’ve been developing and implementing strategic marketing and media relations programs for B2B and B2C products and services for more than ten years. My creative and strategic approach to connect with the end user has led to billions of media impressions, sales increases, brand expansion, social media growth and increased market share.   Food, fashion and travelling drive my passion for partnering with brands that are bringing something fresh and unique to the table.

“I envision the influential strength a brand can have and where it needs to be.  I then design targeted, innovative and distinctive campaigns that will adapt to the changing landscape and develop the strength of your brand. I help transform brands.”  – Kate Engineer

Amrita Labana

Public Relations Manager

Amrita Labana

 I am an enthusiastic and creative communications professional with experience working in several hospitality and travel sectors. Over the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to design innovative and impactful campaigns, that have successfully supported brand development for various lifestyle and corporate clients. I believe in using a powerful blend of social & digital media outreach, strategic partnerships and influencer seeding to reach the targeted consumers. Growing audience and contributing to the company’s bottom line is what drives me to devise result-oriented communication plans and what has contributed to my rewarding public relation career so far.

Heather Moher

Account Coordinator

Heather Moher copy 2

As an emerging marketing professional with social and digital expertise, my primary focus is communicating and interacting in the digital sphere.

I believe that social media marketing is of the utmost importance for increasing brand awareness, driving sales, and most importantly, building relationships. Strategizing and executing cutting edge visual content with engaging themes is what I do best. From financial marketing to events, I have a wide range of experience that allows me to understand industry specific trends and best practices in the social landscape.

Happy Clients

We specialize in working with clients in the hospitality and travel industries.