CHOP CHOP- Sharpen Your Restaurant Social Media Skills

CHOP CHOP- Sharpen Your Restaurant Social Media Skills


  • How can social media impact your restaurant brand?

  • Which social media tools should you be using to grow and engage customers?

  • How do you take an awesome food pic?

  • What is a food influencer, and how can you work with them?  

These are common questions that we get asked by our restaurant clients who understand that social media is critical to their restaurant marketing, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it.  We have partnered with TOP influential social media experts from Toronto’s food scene, to help you cut through the social media clutter and understand the steps and strategies of how YOU can impact your restaurant social media brand.

CHOP CHOP Social Media Seminar experts will be sharing insight, tips and tricks on how you can improve your restaurant’s social media visibility.  Visit #chopchopsm17 to learn more about how CHOP CHOP will instantly get you on the right track! 



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