Currently Sharing Swellness: Meet Writer and Editor, Karen Kwan | Fervid Communications
Currently Sharing Swellness: Meet Writer and Editor, Karen Kwan

Currently Sharing Swellness: Meet Writer and Editor, Karen Kwan

We interviewed food and travel lover Karen Kwan on how to choose where to dine and where she can be spotted enjoying her next meal.

When Karen first started hearing that people were trying a particular spot based on her social media posts and were also asking her regularly for restaurant recos, she made to not only consider the food but the overall restaurant experience. Delicious food, beyond what she can cook herself, plays a factor in her recommendations along with the restaurant having an atmosphere that suits the occasion — by that she mean’s it doesn’t always have to be gorgeous and Instagrammable — you can have just as good a time in a hole in the wall in the right circumstances.

When it comes to restaurant partnerships, she believes the best success factor is that both parties are aligned in terms of their values and branding. If they are, then the passion will be apparent and authentic (and we agree!).

1) Favourite recipe to cook

Hmm, possibly spaghetti carbonara. I’m often craving comfort food when I get home from traveling. This pasta dish is easy to make, I usually have all of the ingredients on hand, and it’s soo satisfying.”

2) Favourite “grab and go” spot

“I have loads of favourites: Arepa on Queen West. A pork bao at Banh Mi Boys. A gyro pita from Mezzini.”

3) Favourite sit down/fine dining restaurant

“Gosh, just one? Buca. La Banane. Bar Isabel. “

4) If you could dine in any city, where would you go and why?

Singapore. One of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had was a Peranakan lunch in Singapore about five years ago (Peranakans are the descendants of Chinese migrants who married Malaysian people). I remember already feeling anxious while eating it because I knew I wouldn’t be having it again anytime soon. The flavours were unlike anything I’d ever had (still to this day!).”

5) Fill in the blanks:

“I’d like to see more innovative vegetable dishes on the restaurant menus and a lot less chocolate desserts (I’m just personally not a big fan.

For 2017, her primary focus will be to continue to grow her brand and Health and Swellness site, she currently splits her time between writing and creating content for her own brand and writing for other media outlets.

Follow Karen Kwan:

Instagram: @healthandswellness

Twitter: @healthswellness


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