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Hanging Out with The Hungry Hoe

Hanging Out with The Hungry Hoe

If there’s one thing The Hungry Hoe can get behind it’s cheat days. With over 42,000 followers and multiple brand partnerships, Ellen is a true foodie queen leading the charge with mouthwatering food pictures and clever captions, forcing you to neglect the calories and indulge.

Having the opportunity to sit down with The Hungry Hoe for lunch was a treat, her outgoing, relaxed personality and quick wit was no surprise after having scrolled through her enticing Instagram account, @thehungryhoe. This pasta and pizza lover is a true Toronto native who knows her way around the city’s food scene. The Hungry Hoe is the go-to handle for all the delicious cheat meal inspo.

What made you start The Hungry Hoe?

I started The Hungry Hoe for fun one night after going through my “foodporn” collection of pics I had taken with a friend. We thought it would be really funny, and it kind of just blew up into having a couple thousand followers within the first two weeks. I’ve always loved eating delicious food, and have always documented my meals! Never expected it to turn into what it is, was just something to do for fun!

What is your favourite Toronto restaurant?

My favourite restaurant in Toronto is probably Buca or Nervosa! I am obsessed with the pizza from Buca, it is my go to. But Nervosa is a classic and I always go there – love the pastas and the kale salad!

What’s your go to grab-and-go spot?

Tried Black Camel and am currently OBSESSSED. That, or sushi is my go-to right now!

What’s your favourite meal to cook at home?

Probably pizza! My dad makes an insane homemade dough, so we love making little personal pizzas for family dinners!

What’s your favourite part about being an influencer?

Getting the opportunity to try out so many different restaurants, that without having @thehungryhoe connection I probably wouldn’t have tried!

When did you realize The Hungry Hoe had real potential?

When restaurants started reaching out to me to come in to try out meals on the house in exchange for a post! Especially once big brands like Pizza Pizza started contacting me to run campaigns, I felt like my account was on the map!

What were the challenges when starting the Hungry Hoe? 

Starting the account I didn’t find as many challenges, but mostly because I didn’t have any goals in mind or hopes for the account. But now after almost 3 years, the challenge is to continue to keep the content fresh and continue to grow the account – especially with the changes to Instagram’s algorithm.

If you could dine in any city, where would you go and why?

Rome! My favourite foods are definitely pizza and pasta – so definitely Italy is the place to go for that!

The Hungry Hoe believes that the best success factor when pairing with a restaurant is when the food is considered a “cheat day meal,” these are the photos that get the highest engagement, while healthier meal pics don’t do as well. Ellen’s focus going forward is to grow her account, while collaborating with more restaurants and expanding her account to cover more than just eats. We can’t wait to work with Ellen more moving forward!


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