Chi Pie Pizza

Chi Pie Pizza partnered with Fervid Communications to launch their restaurant opening through our social media and public relations service package. Chi Pie Pizza is a quick service, classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza restaurant located in Brampton, Ontario. The deliciously cheesy and loaded pies are eye catching on Instagram and so enticing that customers travelled from all over to taste the incredible pizza.

Fervid developed a two-pronged program that included brand specific strategies to create pre-buzz and on-going narrative with customers, influencers and top-tier media. Over the course of Chi Pie’s partnership, Fervid connected social media influencers and several media outlets withChi Pie to taste and share the pizza across blogs and social media.

Overall, the program generated:

  • Over 1000 Instagram followers in 2 months
  • Social media reach: 50,840
  •  Social media engagement: 6,329
  •  100% guest response rate on Facebook
  • Media Postings including: BlogTO, Narcity, Brampton Guardian

Fervid’s Services Included:

  • Brand communication development
  • Restaurant media relations management
  • Media relations strategy development
  • Media/influencer contact list development
  • Media release development
  • Media story pitching
  • Influencer sponsored post coordination
  • Event photography and editing
  • Food styling, photography and editing
  • Content and design meeting
  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media account set up
  • Creative development
  • Content calendar development
  • Follower/following management
  • Daily content posting
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Social media customer relations