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The Foodie Chats: Jenn Chan Photography

The Foodie Chats: Jenn Chan Photography

From Toronto to Vancouver and everywhere in-between, we get the chance to work with a lot of amazing people at Fervid, and it’s about time we start showing them the love they deserve.

Jenn Chan is a photographer based out of Downtown Vancouver who specializes in cityscapes, aerials, events, and travel photography. Which means one glance at her Instagram feed (she has two!) and you’re going to be bitten by the travel bug.

Inspired by urban lights and the natural surroundings of the West Coast, and in turn, inspiring us to explore Vancouver more, we had to chat with her and learn more about the girl behind the lens.

How did you get started in your field?

I started in the field out of curiosity and as a hobby.

I had a DSLR camera laying around and one day decided to finally look up some tools and tips on how to use the camera properly. Eventually, I ended up experimenting with long exposures, bokeh, and night photography, which I found the most interesting to me!

The thing I love to photograph the most is the beautiful city, especially at the blue hour, just as the city lights turn on and the sky isn’t fully dark yet.

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bite to eat in your city?

I have so many favourites when it comes to eating in the city. I always tell people how spoiled we are as Vancouverites to be surrounded by the variety of cuisines and of course, the quality of it!

For something casual, I like to go for comfort foods like Ramen (Marutama, Benkei or Yah Yah Ya), or sushi (Samurai Sushi on Davie, Rawbar at Fairmont Pacific Rim, Yui, etc), Coast is another favourite of mine for Brunch & Happy Hour. Cacao in Kits is a great spot for unique Latin food.

My list is definitely endless when it comes to food!!

Go-to drink to end your day? (tea, wine, etc.)

My usual go-to drink would just be a simple Rye & Ginger or a cocktail, but lately, I got into Scotches! One of my favourites right now is the McClelland’s Islay Single Malt.
But I can always use a good glass of Red Wine (Cab Sauv, Syrah, Malbec…)

Something we wouldn’t know about you from your Instagram feed
I think someone people don’t usually know about me by looking at my feed is that I’m a bit of a geek and traditional in some ways.

I work in the control room at a TV station, and love to play board games or build 1000 pc puzzles. I enjoy the little things in life and the old way of doing certain things


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