Even her name sounds delicious! Meet influencer Rose Macaron of Clothestofood.com | Fervid Communications
Even her name sounds delicious! Meet influencer Rose Macaron of Clothestofood.com

Even her name sounds delicious! Meet influencer Rose Macaron of Clothestofood.com

Not only does she have a delicious sounding name, but Rose Macaron is a total delight to chat restaurants and all things food with! She can be spotted at the latest restaurant openings across Toronto, and with more than 10K followers on Instagram, Rose Macaron is becoming a go-to foodie in the Toronto restaurant scene. Rose shared with us some of her favourite spots to dine in Toronto, and what she looks forward to in a restaurant experience, so take note!



Firstly, I should mention Rose Macaron is a pseudonym. I am a huge fan of french macarons so I wanted to incorporate it into my “name” and thought it sounded cute so that’s that. Usually you can find me at cafes snapping pictures of latte art or having brunch with some friends. I don’t enjoy the outdoors unless I’m doing an OOTD but even then I very much prefer being in a sheltered space. 

1) Favourite cafe/bakery?

Does Kitten and The Bear count? If so, they would definitely be up there. The scones are delicious and their clotted cream is to die for. Not to mention all the house-made jams that taste like candy. The space is also super cute but small so it’s got homey vibes.

2) Favourite grab and go spot?

Banh Mi Boys. If you’ve never been, you need to go and get the club bao. It’s a combination of fried chicken and pork belly on a fluffy bao and it’s amazing!

3) Favourite sit down/fine dining restaurant?

This one’s tough because I feel like I haven’t been to enough of them to say definitively but at this moment in my life, I would say Patria. I don’t even remember what I ate there but I just remember it being freaking delicious.

4) What do you look forward to in a restaurant experience?

In terms of restaurant experiences, I look forward to the food (obviously), but also the decor since it’s usually the decor that gets me interested first. If I come across a cute space, I’ll search online first and check out their menu to see if it’s even something I’d be interested in. However, even though it’s looks that may peak my interests at first, it’s the substance and personality that encourages me to go, taste, and tell my friends about it. I suppose it’s like all things in life; you should never judge a book by it’s cover and it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

Instagram: @rosaalyn

Twitter: @clothestofood

Facebook: clothestofood

Website: www.clothestofood.com


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