Kate Engineer

Director of Communications


I’ve been developing and implementing strategic marketing and media relations programs for B2B and B2C products and services for more than ten years. My creative and strategic approach to connect with the end user has led to billions of media impressions, sales increases, brand expansion, social media growth and increased market share.   Food, fashion and travelling drive my passion for partnering with brands that are bringing something fresh and unique to the table.

“I envision the influential strength a brand can have and where it needs to be.  I then design targeted, innovative and distinctive campaigns that will adapt to the changing landscape and develop the strength of your brand. I help transform brands.”  – Kate Engineer

Happy Clients


“ Kate was instrumental in creating local buzz for the grand opening of Impact Kitchen, which led to us exceeding our goals and gaining immediate social media attention, media interest, and on-going foot traffic. ”
Josh Broun, Owner of Impact Kitchen
Josh Broun, Owner of Impact Kitchen