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Meet Instagram Food Influencer Jamie of @everything_delish

Meet Instagram Food Influencer Jamie of @everything_delish

We recently connected over coffee at Ricarda’s Bakery with Instagram food influencer Jamie Milne of @everything_delish, who to date has over 89,000 followers.  Jamie is one of the many credited food influencers impacting the restaurant industry by sharing her culinary experiences through social media, and bringing awareness to restaurant brands across North America. Not only is Jamie a delightful firecracker full of energy, but she is super smart too in how she connects restaurant brands to her engaged followers.  Get to know more about Jamie below:

Favourite thing about being a food influencer:

Jamie: Being a food influencer has many perks! Not only do I get to try and sample the most delicious food, but I also get to connect with the amazing people behind the dishes. Every restaurant, kitchen, and dish has an important backstory, and through meeting and connecting first handedly with these professionals, it has both inspired and allowed me to learn so much about the food industry.

What is your coolest food experience to date?

Jamie: I would have to say my coolest food experience to date was eating at one of South Beach’s hottest restaurants; Quality Meats. Not only did I get wined and dined, but I also got to work with one of the most talented chefs, Gus (who was on the Food Network). While I was taking photos in the kitchen, the chefs were preparing a meal for a top celebrity who was in the restaurant at the same time!

What tip can you provide restaurants about partnering with food influencers?

Jamie: I think the most important tip for restaurants to keep in mind when partnering with food influencers is that we are real people who like to eat real food! It is extremely important that the food that the restaurant is serving to the influencer fits their niche! Another important tip to note is that when inviting food influencers to your restaurant, it is important that your social media feeds are active. It is essential that the influencer is able to tag all of the restaurants social media platforms in their posts!

A little bit more about Jamie Milne!

I am 23 years old from Toronto, Ontario. I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors of Education, and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Education at University of Toronto. I have always had a passion for food, travel, health, and fitness and decided to take it to Instagram to inspire others visually. I believe that everyone should be able to indulge in “Everything Delish” in life, and I find pleasure in knowing that I can bring a smile to peoples faces, through the pictures and videos that I share.



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