East Tea Can

East Tea Can is a Middle Eastern Canteen, that opened in the busy area of Winston Churchill and Dundas Street West, in Mississauga. Serving popular middle eastern dishes in stunning colourful plate presentations is one of the ways this new restaurant concept is differentiating itself. The restaurant interiors were designed with custom colourful furnishings, Arabic pop-art, bold ceramic tiles, and interesting artifacts sourced from the around the globe.

The team faced many construction and operational obstacles throughout the restaurant development, which resulted in a limited restaurant opening marketing budget. East Tea Can approached Fervid to help them build brand awareness by utilizing our restaurant Social Media Management program.

Fervid developed a three-month Social Media Strategy that supported East Tea Can for two months leading up to their opening, and for their grand opening month. Our goals were to create buzz prior to their opening, connect with the local community, and drive footsteps once their doors opened.

The Social Media Management program included:

  • Content and design meeting
  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media account setup
  • Creative development
  • Content calendar development
  • Follower/following management
  • Daily content posting
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Social media customer relations
  • Photography


  • 150+ social media posts over three months
  • Grew to over 1000 followers in 6 six weeks across Instagram and Facebook
  • Weekly average follower increase of more than 50%
  • Total social media reach 35,868
  • Total social media engagement 17,200
  • Average engagement of 55 “LIKES” on Instagram
  • 100% guest response rate on Facebook
  • Less than 12 hour response rate

Social Media Posts


Social Media Photography