FAMO Sandwich Creations

Chef Babak Fahmi had this awesome vision of creating a one of a kind local sandwich shop, that dared guests to experience the amazing flavours that could be found in different cuts of meats and fish, layered with toppings between two buns. When we met with the FAMO team in May 2016, it was clear that the vision for FAMO was really unique, a little risky, but with a lot of appeal. Our goal was to develop brand communication and a marketing program that would capture the consumers attention through puns and play on words, while showcasing the interesting and fresh local menu that was being offered at FAMO.

We supported FAMO with:

  • Brand Taglines and Descriptions
  • Brand Key Messages
  • Brand Icon Development
  • Website Design Management & Content Creation
  • Menu Photoshoot Management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Restaurant Media Relations
  • Exclusive Media Tasting Event for top Food Editors
  • Restaurant Social Media Management

Social Media Results:

  • 290 SM posts over 4 months
  • Achieved 700+ social media following
  • Average monthly growth of 50%
  • Average post engagement on Instagram 45 LIKES
  • 4.9/5 star reviews on Facebook
  • 8 Hour response rate on Facebook to guest inquiries
  • 9,844 consumer social media engagement
  • 35,841 social media brand reach

Media Coverage:

  • Hosted pre-grand opening media tasting event with 15 food influencers
  • Achieved 12 media reviews, all positive
  • Total media impressions of 5 million +
  • Toronto Sun, BlogTO, DineTO,
  • Named TOP 10 New Toronto Restaurants for 2016 by BlogTO
  • Lamb Sandwich named TOP 50 Toronto Sandwiches by BlogTO

Marketing Results:

  • 10% redemption rate on $5.00 off grand opening direct mailer

Media Coverage

Menu Photography