Testimonials | Fervid Communications


“ The Fervid team were great, they helped us shape our social media strategy from the beginning, the creativity and vision they brought was outstanding. ”
–  Shakir Al-Kanbar, Owner East Tea Can

From the  moment I hired Kate to help spearhead my launch, Kate took the bull by the horns and came up with creative and innovative ways to help brand our name and concept.  It can take quite some time for a brand to become recognizable, but with the campaign for SuuP Health Bar, Kate and her team at Fervid have gotten us off to a great start and set us in the right direction!

–  Ron Saban, Owner of SuuP Health Bar
“ The Fervid team were very involved in our restaurant brand development, and created effective communications strategies for FAMO. Despite all ups and downs of the business, Fervid was the highlight of our experience and the most memorable one indeed. ”
–  Shabnam & Babak Fahmi, Owners of FAMO Sandwich Creations
“ Fervid came on board closer to our opening and did a fabulous job in coordinating media events and publicity to promote our opening. It has been such a pleasure working with Kate, and we want to Thank You for your diligent efforts in promoting our new business. We are so grateful for the diverse and substantial media exposure you have gotten for us! ”
–  Amreen & Seema, Bombay Street Food
“ Kate was instrumental in creating local buzz for the grand opening of Impact Kitchen, which led to us exceeding our goals and gaining immediate social media attention, media interest, and on-going foot traffic. ”
–  Josh Broun, Owner of Impact Kitchen