Barcelona’s most famous street ‘La Rambla” is a 1200-metre boulevard and a major draw for visitors. During the day, the streets are filled with pedestrians, some who stroll by and some who just sit and people watch.

Most recently, some who have walked by have come across Opera Samfaina, the new restaurant of sensory experience. Just like the name, Opera Samfaina, is a symphony for guest dining experience.

Right when you walk through the doors, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s a sensory experience in which you can see, smell, touch, listen, and most importantly, savour! You instantly know it’s going to be a different experience when the entrance has upside down chairs affixed to the ceiling.

They’ve created a different dining experience with mesmerizing rooms that depict Catalan:

Vermuteria: The vermouth bar specializing in the classical Catalan aperitif. The “vermouth” stands unique design pay tribute to the olive tree and its fruit – the olive oil.

Odissea: A room containing a circular sixteen-seat table where a short animated film explains Catalunya and its most traditional food products along with a tasting.

Diva: Serves seasonally changing tasting menus with wine pairings on circular tables for eight with a server in the center narrating the dishes and products, while pictures are projected overhead.

Mercat: Here you can enjoy the best selection of seafood in the region, while looking up at a fishing boat sailing across your heads.

Opera Samfaina is a restaurant gift for all senses. The owner’s hope that those who visit, will leave and not be able to explain what they have seen, eaten or lived.

Visiting Barcelona? Make a reservation at Opera Samfaina here.


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